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About Sekvoja

For those who wish to learn to speak foreign languages quickly while discovering the nuances of other cultures, Sekvoja offers the perfect solution. Our courses employ a state-of-the-art program of language study based on years of teaching experience, delivered by native instructors with diverse backgrounds in education and business management.

While our primary focus is on meeting the requirements of business people, professionals, and technicians who need the language skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly integrating world, we also accommodate travelers and those studying for personal improvement and the simple joy of learning.

Taught by native speakers, Sekvoja students rapidly learn to speak and to communicate effectively.

Instructors teach useful language for real-life situations. This means we draw from a broad range of media for course material, as well as tapping into the personal experiences of both teacher and student. We recognize that success in business often depends on first-rate social relationships. For this reason, we place a special emphasis on current events, as well as guiding students towards a greater appreciation of all areas of interest.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning should be as effective and enjoyable as possible. Teachers must be willing and able to adapt their approach to the individual requirements of students. Factors such as linguistic talent, motivation, personal strengths, interests and cultural reference points have to be considered. Trainers use a direct communication approach based on listening and speaking, balancing lessons with relevant reading and writing exercises, so students take in new information with natural ease. Since we all learn languages best by speaking them, only the target language is spoken in the classroom.

We believe it is our total commitment to treating each student as a unique personality that sets us above other language schools. Bearing in mind that there are multiple kinds of intelligence, different methodologies are often used depending on how they complement the individual strengths and interests of students. Some techniques emphasize allowing teachers to connect learning to students' real lives and experiences. Vibrant examples and practical application of the language take priority over bland theoretical guidelines. Students' feedback is received at regular intervals to make sure that the lessons are carefully adjusted to meet their individual needs.

Time and place for teaching

All learning is situation dependent. Recent studies have shown that we are most likely to remember new information in the environment in which it is taught and learned. Thus, in addition to offering lessons in our classrooms (Heinzelova 47), our teachers willingly provide instruction in the surroundings in which you are most comfortable and where you most often need access to it: in the familiar setting of your office or home. This provides the additional advantage of allowing business professionals to pursue their studies with the least possible interruption to a busy working schedule.

Methods we use

All programs are designed with one goal in mind: to enable students to communicate freely and comfortably, precisely and efficiently. We achieve this by:

  • Focusing on individual students and their interests
  • Encouraging one-on-one teaching
  • Organizing small groups ranging from 2 to a maximum of 6 students
  • Using only the target language during classes
  • Using a wide range of teaching materials (books, newspapers, magazines, internet, video, etc.) and exercises:
    • Individual assignments
    • Exercises in pairs or small groups
    • Essays and projects
    • Preparation of presentations
    • Help with business correspondence
    • Guided discussions

The following companies have attended or are currently participating in our programs of business and/or general language courses or have used some of our special services such as translation and proofreading of texts or voiceover:

  • 3LHD arhitektonski studio
  • Allianz osiguranje
  • CiV sportski marketing
  • DAZ (Društvo arhitekata Zagreb)
  • Dobbin
  • Egmont
  • Ekobit Software Solutions
  • Ekonomski institut
  • Harvey Norman
  • Hotel Šipan
  • HRT
  • Hrvatski filmski savez
  • Institut za antropološka istraživanja
  • Iskon Internet
  • Končar
  • Kraš
  • LaLog Logistika
  • Lucas Intertrade d.o.o.
  • LURA d.o.o.
  • McDonald's Hrvatska (Globalna hrana d.o.o.)
  • Minago
  • Ministarstvo europskih i vanjskih poslova
  • Mladost Iskon
  • Nilsson Volvo
  • Pliva
  • Premisa
  • Protal d.o.o.
  • Raiffeisen bank
  • RALU d.o.o.
  • Siemens
  • Vetropack
  • And others...
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