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Welcome to Sekvoja!

For those who wish to learn to speak a foreign language quickly while discovering the nuances of other cultures, Sekvoja offers the perfect solution. Our courses employ a state-of-the-art program of language study based on years of teaching experience, delivered by native instructors with diverse backgrounds in education and business management.

While our primary focus is on meeting the requirements of business people, professionals, and technicians who need the language skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly integrating world, we also accommodate travelers and those studying for personal improvement and the simple joy of learning.

Classes are held in the setting you most prefer. Many of our students enjoy learning together in a traditional classroom setting in our office in Heinzelova 47. However, business clients can choose to have classes in their own offices, which provides the additional advantage of allowing you to pursue your studies with the least possible interruption to a busy working schedule.

Before you choose to sign up for one of our programs, we offer a free evaluation of your skill level and offer advice on the most appropriate course of action. Contact us in good faith and arrange for your evaluation at .


Learn English through art in Sekvoja centar!
Completely new programs for learning English through art, creative workshops for kids and grown-ups in English language, English workshops for moms and babies.
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New in Sekvoja - Preparation courses and testing for the TOLES exam for lawyers and attorneys
Test of legal English (TOLES) is a test of English legal language that enables attorneys, lawyers and law students to prove their ability to perform their daily business tasks in English, as well as the leading examination for the legal profession in the English-speaking world. As of recently, Sekvoja became an official center for conducting the preparation courses and testing for the TOLES exam.

Sekvoja offers special language programs
Planning to make an important presentation to a potential client or investor, but unsure if its quality meets your highest standards? Decided to move to a foreign country and need help brushing up your language skills or landing a job interview? You landed a job in the hospitality industry and need help in successfully communicating with your guests? Sekvoja can help with all these matters, check out our special language programs.

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